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Welcome to Lakeview

Lakeview neighborhood covers the western half of Chicago's greater Lakeview area. Actually, a “” is a little tough to come by here because the water'ss edge is a good 10-minute walk from the neighborhood's eastern border. That doesn't seem to bother anyone living in this exciting north side hotspot, though. Lakeview is packed with some of Chicago's best restaurants and a hip shopping district with cool fashions you won't find anywhere else in the city. For live music, Lakeview's roster of venues and concert halls tops that of any other area in Chicago. Bands travel from around the world to play shows here. Tiny, dives with a stage in the back of the bar are just as established in the music scene as balconied theaters that seat thousands. Entertainment in Lakeview is not limited to musical artists there are a number of theatrical companies based in the neighborhood, too. Take your pick of comedy acts, avant-garde films, serious plays, and original productions. Aside from being a hip Chicago destination, Lakeview is a sought-after place to buy real estate. The area's mid-rise condos and rehabbed walkups are among the most valuable properties in the city.

A prevalence of turn-of-the-century mid and low-rise rehabbed apartment buildings make the greatest impression on people as they explore Lakeview real estate for the first time. Rows of vintage brick structures line the blocks, giving the neighborhood an antiquated character that only exists as far as the front door. Many of these aged structures have been converted into condominiums, sporting interiors that are anything but old-fashioned. Instead, a good portion of the residences been gutted and refurbished with all new layouts, refinished hardwood floors, updated kitchens and bathrooms and all the modern amenities you could want in a new home.

Along with remodeled condominiums, which also occupy a few high-rise buildings on the east side of the neighborhood, there are a great many townhouses and detached single-family home options in Lakeview that has attracted a range of people to this area for many years now. From young singles to families to retired folks, this north side Chicago community really seems to cater to the needs of homeowners from all generations and preferences. Whether you're looking for a flat in a stately graystone, a three-level single-family townhome, a magnificent penthouse, or a simple studio or one-bedroom unit, you're sure to find a ton of ideal properties that fit the mold around here.

Most Lakeview real estate is built to fully maximize their lots, packing all you can into the area allotted, which surprisingly doesn't instill the impression of cramped space or overcrowding, rather it gives the neighborhood a pleasant consistency and sense of maturity that appeals to many homebuyers. Balconies are often flowing over with flower baskets and potted plants, while trees and landscaped shrubbery sprout out of the small front lawns edging the residential streets.

Lakeview boasts some of the most active and involved neighborhood and commerce organizations in the city. The Lake View Citizens Council is composed of 12 neighborhood associations, all working to protect green spaces such as neighborhood parks, develop community gardens, enhance public transportation, keep housing affordable, retain the living wage and industrial jobs in the vicinity, and support other activities meant to improve the quality of life in the area. The Lakeview Action Coalition is another well-known non-profit, multi-issue community organization. The coalition is made up of 40 institutional members, including religious congregations, non-profit agencies, banks, business associations, a credit union and a senior citizens caucus. The coalition works with issues such as affordable housing, homeless youth, hate crimes, and heath care.