Sam Jenkins

Sam is a 14 year veteran of the Chicago market and strives to create successful partnerships with his clients based on listening fully to their needs and fulfilling their expectations.

Predominantly Sam wanted to combine his love for the city of Chicago with his knowledge and experience in providing the highest level of service to discerning customers. After 6 years as an elite personal fitness consultant in the Chicago & London markets, Sam returned to Chicago to work with Sean Conlon and his brokerage in the early 2000’s, which was critical in teaching him how the industry works, and helping him weather the market’s ups and downs.

Sam's extensive understanding of Chicago's residential real estate market has meant facilitating transactions in all areas; including million dollar land deals, multi-unit conversions, new construction single family homes – as well as working extensively with buyers in all markets.

Sam says: “This is primarily about helping people who have specific aspirations. How you interact with clients, manage relationships and transactions, is critical to your success because this is ultimately a people business.”